CRACKS SOFTWARE HERE.NET WINDOWS Freemake Video Converter Gold 2020 Activation key Full Free Activated

Freemake Video Converter Gold 2020 Activation key Full Free Activated

Freemake Video Converter has been one of the most popular free video conversion tools for over a decade. In 2020, they released a major paid upgrade called the Gold version promising faster speeds, broader format support, and an enhanced video editor.

Introduction to Freemake Video Converter Gold 2020 Activation key

For those not already familiar, Download free Freemake Video Converter Gold 2020 is a Windows application that allows converting video files between over 500 different formats including MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MP3 and more. Some of the core capabilities include:

  • Resizing video resolution and adjusting aspect ratio
  • Trimming, cutting and splicing together video footage
  • Adding animated text captions, stickers, and visual effects
  • Applying filters and color correction adjustments
  • Blurring backgrounds and creating slideshows
  • Extracting audio from videos into MP3 format

It’s designed to be easy enough for novices to quickly edit and convert their footage while also supporting batch processing and advanced settings to meet professional video editor needs.

Over the years, Freemake has cemented itself as a leader in the space with over 500 million worldwide users. But does the 2020 premium Gold upgrade deliver enough extra value to justify ditching the free version?

Freemake Video Converter Gold 2020 Activation key

What’s New in Freemake Video Converter Gold 2020 Activation key

The flagship Gold edition comes with several meaningful upgrades over the standard free variant:

Up to 10x Faster Conversion Speeds

Leveraging state of the art hardware acceleration and multi-threading, the new Gold encoder boasts up to 10x faster speeds for rendering 4K and Full HD videos in both MPE4 and MP3 output formats. For user this means much shorter wait times when exporting lengthy 4K projects.

Support for Cutting Edge Codecs and Devices

With broader format compatibility, you can now export videos tailor made to render perfectly on next generation consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X or the latest smartphones models like iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S20. It also finally adds support for advanced HEVC video encoding.

Expanded Video Editor Toolset

An improved built-in video editor makes post processing easier than ever with color tuning options like brightness, contrast and saturation sliders along with curves and levels control similar to Adobe Photoshop. You also get a library of animated stickers, artwork overlays and text caption templates.

Full Feature Set Without Restrictions

Unlike the free version that adds watermarks and limits exports to under 5 minutes, the Gold 2020 edition lifts all restrictions so you have full uninhibited access to all tools and capabilities without annoying upsells.

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Core Features Deep Dive

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the key improvements with Freemake Video Converter Gold 2020 Full version crack, let’s explore some of the core features and capabilities that enable Freemake to support all your video conversion needs:

500+ Supported Input and Output Formats

No matter what device, website or software you want your video encoded for, chances are Freemake supports it with over 500 input and output preconfigured profile options covering all bases including:

  • Common Codecs: HEVC, MPEG-2, H.264, VP9
  • Media Containers: MP4, MOV, MKV, WEBM
  • Audio: MP3, FLAC, WMA, M4A
  • Devices: iPhone, Android phones, PS4
  • Websites: YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo

Trimming and Splicing Tools

The editor allows conveniently cutting out unwanted content like commercials from recorded television or chopping together highlights to share on social media without re-encoding entire files. Use intuitive controls to:

  • Trim video length
  • Split into segments
  • Join multiple clips
  • Apply fade in/out transitions

Text and Stickers

Make videos more engaging and informative with animated stickers, comic bubbles, custom artwork, and text captions.

Photo Slideshows

Effortlessly turn static images into compelling video slideshows using pan and zoom effects along with customizable transitions. This comes in handy for:

  • Photo albums
  • Presentations
  • Product galleries

YouTube Downloader

Directly import and convert videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and hundreds of other sites through the integrated downloader without having to copy links and use separate websites.

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Who Can Benefit From Freemake Video Converter?

Given the breadth of formats supported along with the intuitive interface optimized for both amateurs and professionals, Free download Freemake Video Converter Gold 2020 Activation key can benefit many user groups including:

  • Novice Windows users looking for easy video editing
  • Marketing professionals creating product promo footage and video ads
  • Businesses preparing internal training recordings and testimonial interviews
  • Students transforming raw footage into assignments and presentations
  • YouTube creators rendering edited gameplay clips
  • Photographers compiling picture slideshows
  • Videography studios processing client raw camera footage

Essentially anyone on desktop Windows needing to convert or process digital video can take advantage of this robust Swiss army knife.

Why Pick Freemake Over Alternatives?

There’s certainly no shortage of free video converter and editor options out there from Handbrake to VSDC to Avidemux. Here’s why Freemake Video Converter Gold 2020 Download free stands out above the rest as an Editors’ Choice:

No Quality Loss – Unlike lossy programs that sacrifice quality to shrink file size, Freemake uses advanced codecs to preserve 100% of video fidelity.

Intuitive Interface – With clearly labeled presets and drag and drop interactions, Freemake keeps complexity to a minimum so anyone can achieve professional caliber results faster.

Rapid Processing – Thanks to multi-core CPU harnessing and GPU acceleration under the hood, even 8K footage gets rendered quickly.

Windows Integration – Taking advantage of Window’s modern app architecture, it feels like a natural fit within the operating system.

Simplicity paired with depth is what cements Freemake Video Converter as a top choice for novices and pros alike trying to wade through the excess of encoder options online.

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Free vs Gold 2020 Edition Comparison

For over 10 years, Freemake has provided an extremely capable free video converter accessible to everyone. But in the recent Gold variant, they’ve added significant value specifically for power users. Here’s an at-a-glance comparison:

Version Free Gold 2020
Price $0 $29.95 (one-time)
Maximum Export Length 5 Min Limit No Limits
Conversion Speed Baseline Hardware Encoding 10x Faster w/ GPU Acceleration
Latest Codec Support (HEVC) No Yes
Watermark on Exports Yes No
Premium Editing Tools No Yes
Technical Support None 1 Year

For the average user needing only occasional media format conversion with small files, the forever free version may suffice. But the perks unlocked in the premium Gold edition cater nicely to professionals whether video editors, marketers or engineers dealing with processor intensive encoding jobs.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what Sophia, a boutique videographer using Freemake to render wedding shoots has to say:

“As a pro filmmaker, shaving hours off exporting final 4K wedding reception highlight reels saves me serious time. Being able to directly import from sites like YouTube helps me prep inspirational client mood boards quicker too. Well worth the small price not to deal with watermarks or time restrictions when delivering client work on tight deadlines.”

Freemake Video Converter Gold 2020 Activation key

The Verdict – Investing in Freemake Gold 2020

At the end of the day, Freemake Video Converter Gold 2020 Activation key continues holding up as a Swiss army knife for all video conversion needs – only now with a shiny new Gold version that unlocks advanced capabilities for savvy editors.

For less than $30 as a one-time fee, unlocking 10x faster speeds, professional-grade editing tools, and no restrictions results in serious time savings for intensive video processing. The hundreds of flexible output profiles provide piece of mind your files will render perfectly on any device too.

The already simple interface manages to keep all the advanced controls easy to find without overwhelming novices. Regardless if you’re encoding family holiday footage or a studio-quality ad spot, Full version crack Freemake Video Converter Gold 2020 Activation key deserves a spot in every creative professional’s toolkit if you edit on Windows.

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