CRACKS SOFTWARE HERE.NET WINDOWS iToolab WatsGo Keygen 8.3.1 Free Full Activated

iToolab WatsGo Keygen 8.3.1 Free Full Activated

iToolab WatsGo Keygen is a powerful software solution for managing WhatsApp data on your Android or iPhone devices. It allows you to seamlessly transfer WhatsApp messages between phones, back up chats to your computer, recover deleted messages, print conversations, and more.

With iToolab WatsGo Keygen, you can:

  • Transfer WhatsApp data between Android and iPhone when switching phones.
  • Backup WhatsApp chats, photos, videos, and audio to your computer.
  • Recover deleted WhatsApp messages that were accidentally erased.
  • Export WhatsApp chat history to PDF, Excel, HTML and other formats.
  • Print WhatsApp conversations and chat history.

The app provides a simple and efficient way to protect your WhatsApp data and move it between devices. Keep reading to learn more about using Download free iToolab WatsGo and its key features.

Key Features of Free download iToolab WatsGo Keygen

Transfer WhatsApp Data Between Android and iPhone

One of the most useful features of iToolab WatsGo Keygen is transferring WhatsApp data directly between Android and iPhone devices.

Whether you’re switching from an Android phone to iPhone or vice versa, Full version crack iToolab WatsGo makes it easy to move your WhatsApp messages and attachments from one phone to another.

The transfer process is simple:

  1. Connect both your old and new phones to your computer.
  2. Select the transfer option in iToolab WatsGo.
  3. Choose what WhatsApp data to transfer.
  4. Confirm the transfer and your WhatsApp history will be moved to the new device.

This prevents you from losing any important WhatsApp data when migrating between device operating systems.

Itoolab Watsgo Keygen

Backup WhatsApp Messages to Your Computer

One of the key benefits of iToolab WatsGo Keygen is the ability to backup your WhatsApp chats, photos, videos, and files from your phone onto your computer.

The backup process is straightforward:

  1. Connect your Android or iPhone device to your computer.
  2. Open iToolab WatsGo and select the backup option.
  3. Choose which WhatsApp data you want to backup (chats, media, attachments, etc).
  4. Select a backup destination folder on your computer.
  5. Confirm the backup and all your WhatsApp data will be stored safely on your computer.

Backing up to your computer gives you an extra layer of protection in case you lose your phone or accidentally delete WhatsApp conversations.

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Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

We’ve all experienced the dreadful feeling of accidentally deleting an important WhatsApp message or conversation that you wanted to keep.

Thankfully, Full version crack iToolab WatsGo lets you easily recover deleted WhatsApp messages, even without a recent backup.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect your Android or iPhone to your computer.
  2. Launch iToolab WatsGo and select the Recover option.
  3. The app will scan your phone and display all recoverable deleted messages.
  4. Choose which deleted messages you want to restore.
  5. Confirm recovery and the deleted items will be retrieved.

This recovery feature works even if your phone lacks storage space for a new WhatsApp backup. iToolab WatsGo Keygen scans your phone’s local data to find deleted messages.

Export WhatsApp Chat History

iToolab WatsGo Keygen allows exporting your WhatsApp data to a variety of formats for easy access, archival, or printing.

You can export your WhatsApp chats as:

  • PDF – Convenient for printing or emailing conversations.
  • Excel – Extracts WhatsApp data into spreadsheet format.
  • HTML – Saves chat history in web archive format.
  • Text – Extracts just the text content of your chats.

To export your chats:

  1. Connect device and launch iToolab.
  2. Select the Export option.
  3. Choose WhatsApp data to export.
  4. Select export file type and destination.
  5. Save the exported WhatsApp chat history file.

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Need to print out your WhatsApp conversations? Free download iToolab WatsGo lets you easily print your chat history.

To print WhatsApp chats:

  1. Back up WhatsApp data or connect phone to computer.
  2. In iToolab, go to the Printer option.
  3. Select which chats or messages to print.
  4. Customize print settings as needed.
  5. Click Print and your WhatsApp conversations will be printed.

You can print full message histories, selected chats only, or customize the print output.

How to Use iToolab WatsGo

Using iToolab WatsGo is simple and straightforward. Here is an overview of the key steps:

Download and Install

First, download Download free iToolab WatsGo from our site for free. It’s available for both Windows and Mac.

Install iToolab WatsGo on your computer by following the setup wizard prompts. Make sure to install any required device drivers as well.

Connect Android or iPhone

Use the appropriate USB cable to connect your Android phone or iPhone to your computer.

iToolab WatsGo will automatically detect your device. Make sure to enable USB debugging on Android.

Select Backup or Transfer Options

Within iToolab WatsGo, click on the Backup or Transfer buttons depending on whether you want to backup WhatsApp data to your computer or transfer WhatsApp data to a new phone.

Preview and Select Data

Preview the WhatsApp data that will be backed up or transferred. Select exactly which chats, media files, and other data to include.

Export Backups or Restore to Device

For backups, choose a destination folder to save the files on your computer. For transfers, the WhatsApp data will be restored directly onto your new device.

Transferring WhatsApp Data Between Android and iPhone

Switching between Android and iPhone is seamless with iToolab WatsGo. Here are the detailed steps to transfer WhatsApp data:

  1. On your old phone, backup WhatsApp data either to iCloud (iPhone) or Google Drive (Android).
  2. Install the WhatsApp app on your new phone and login. This sets up the required WhatsApp data folders.
  3. Connect both your old and new phones to your computer using the appropriate USB cables.
  4. Launch iToolab WatsGo on your computer.
  5. Click the “Transfer” button then select “Transfer WhatsApp Data”.
  6. Select the WhatsApp data to transfer. Click Next.
  7. Verify both connected phones are detected by iToolab WatsGo.
  8. Click “Transfer” to initiate moving your WhatsApp data to the new phone.
  9. Once complete, your WhatsApp messages, attachments, profile, and settings will all be transferred to the new device.

This process lets you seamlessly migrate years of WhatsApp history when you switch between Android and iPhone devices.

Backing Up WhatsApp Messages to Your Computer

Backing up WhatsApp to your computer provides an extra layer of protection for your chats and media files. Follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Android phone or iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.
  2. Launch iToolab WatsGo on your computer.
  3. Click the “Backup” button.
  4. Select which WhatsApp data to include in the backup.
  5. Choose a folder on your computer to save the backup.
  6. Click “Backup” to begin the process.
  7. iToolab will back up your selected WhatsApp data to the specified folder.

We recommend backing up your WhatsApp data regularly, such as weekly or monthly. Before updating your phone’s OS, be sure to backup your WhatsApp as well.

Storing WhatsApp backups externally on your computer ensures you have multiple copies and prevents permanent data loss.

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Recovering Deleted WhatsApp Messages

If you need to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages, follow these steps:

  1. Install and open iToolab WatsGo on your computer.
  2. Connect your Android or iPhone device via USB cable.
  3. Click the “Recover” button in iToolab.
  4. It will scan your phone and show deleted WhatsApp messages it can recover.
  5. Select the deleted messages you want to restore.
  6. Confirm your selection and click “Recover”.
  7. The deleted WhatsApp data will be restored to your device.

iToolab WatsGo scans your phone’s local WhatsApp databases to find remnants of deleted conversations and messages, even if you no longer have a recent backup.

This recovery feature helps retrieve accidentally deleted WhatsApp data.

Exporting and Printing WhatsApp Chats

Exporting lets you save WhatsApp history in various digital formats for easy access, sharing, or archiving.

To export WhatsApp chats:

  1. In iToolab WatsGo, select the “Export” option.
  2. Choose which WhatsApp data to export.
  3. Select export file type like PDF, Excel, HTML, etc.
  4. Pick folder to save exported file.
  5. Click “Export” and convert WhatsApp data.

You can also print WhatsApp conversations directly from iToolab WatsGo:

  1. Click on “Print” option.
  2. Select which chats or messages to print.
  3. Customize print settings like font size or margins.
  4. Click “Print” and your WhatsApp chats will print.

iToolab WatsGo vs Other WhatsApp Backup Solutions

How does iToolab WatsGo compare to WhatsApp’s built-in backup tools or other third-party apps? Here’s an overview:

Feature iToolab WatsGo WhatsApp Backup Third-Party Apps
Transfer WhatsApp between iOS and Android Yes No Some allow transfers
Recover deleted WhatsApp messages Yes No Some can recover deleted data
Print WhatsApp chats Yes No Few have print options
Backup WhatsApp media files Yes Limited Most backup only chats
Export WhatsApp to PDF, Excel, etc Yes No Some allow exporting as PDF
Ease of use Very simple Requiresmanual backup/restore Varies greatly

Overall, iToolab WatsGo provides the deepest feature set while maintaining simplicity. Other tools may have some overlapping capabilities, but none match the versatility of iToolab WatsGo.

Tips for Using iToolab WatsGo

Follow these tips and recommendations when using iToolab WatsGo for the best performance:

  • Update to the latest version of iToolab WatsGo for any new features or bug fixes.
  • Disable any security tools on your computer that may block iToolab from accessing your device.
  • Create regular backups to avoid losing any new WhatsApp data since your last backup.
  • When transferring WhatsApp data, be patient and allow the process to fully complete.
  • Export chat history to a digital format for easy searching, sharing, and archival.
  • Print selective conversations instead of your entire message history.

Taking the time to properly setup iToolab WatsGo will ensure smooth usage and maximum effectiveness when transferring, backing up, or recovering your WhatsApp data.

Customer Reviews of Download free iToolab WatsGo

Here are just a few reviews from satisfied iToolab WatsGo users:

“I switched from iPhone to Android and was able to transfer all my WhatsApp chats seamlessly with iToolab. It saved me from losing years of conversations.”

“I accidentally deleted a WhatsApp chat with important information. iToolab recovered the deleted messages and saved the day! Its recovery tool is amazing.”

“I use iToolab weekly to backup my WhatsApp chats and media to my computer for safekeeping. It gives me peace of mind that my data is protected.”

“I printed a 400 page file of my full WhatsApp history. iToolab printed it perfectly double sided and bound into a book. Just awesome!”

“Exporting WhatsApp chats as a PDF attachment through iToolab saved me from tedious manual copy pasting. Definitely recommend it!”

The vast majority of reviews highlight the convenience, effectiveness, and reliability of iToolab WatsGo Keygen for managing WhatsApp data across devices.

Where to Download iToolab WatsGo

iToolab WatsGo Keygen can be downloaded for free from the official iToolab website:

It’s available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The free version enables WhatsApp transfer, backup, restore, export, and print with basic functionality.

Paid upgrades unlock premium features like batch operations, scheduled backups, business account support, and faster transfer speeds.

Overall, iToolab WatsGo delivers excellent WhatsApp management capabilities through both its free and paid versions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Full version crack iToolab WatsGo

Does iToolab work with both Android and iPhones?

Yes, iToolab WatsGo fully supports Android devices and iPhones. It can transfer WhatsApp data seamlessly between the two platforms.

Can I export WhatsApp chats to PDF, DOC, Excel?

Absolutely. iToolab allows exporting your WhatsApp history as PDF, Word DOC, Excel files, plain text, HTML, and more.

Will my WhatsApp messages be safe when backing up to my computer?

Yes, iToolab uses automated encryption to protect your WhatsApp chats, media, and files during backup and transfer. Your data remains safe.

Does iToolab recover even permanently deleted WhatsApp messages?

In most cases, yes. iToolab scans your phone’s databases to find deleted messages that can still be recovered, unless permanently overwritten.

Is iToolab WatsGo free or paid?

iToolab WatsGo has both a free version and paid upgrades for premium features. The free version covers core functionality like phone-to-phone transfers, chat/media backup, recover deleted messages, export, and print.

Itoolab Watsgo Keygen


iToolab WatsGo Keygen makes it simple and efficient to manage your WhatsApp data across multiple devices. With capabilities like seamless Android/iPhone transfer, backup/restore, recover deleted messages, export, and print, it’s the ultimate WhatsApp management toolkit.

The user-friendly interface provides robust functionality for both personal and business use. With reliable performance and great customer support, iToolab WatsGo is highly recommended for protecting and transferring your WhatsApp data.

Visit the iToolab from our site and start using this invaluable software for your WhatsApp needs.

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